Improvement of the Shared Industrial Infrastructure of the Pistachio Processing Sector Project


Under the project, a shared processing facility of 6,500 square meters is established to reflect the pistachio potential of Siirt on the economy, and pistachio producers in the region, both wholesalers and retailers, are expected to benefit from this facility directly or indirectly. Through this installation, it is aimed to improve processing capacity and technology, product variety, marketing opportunities by enhancing the quality and increasing the local amount of processed pistachios.  The facility will be capable of processing both raw and dried pistachios.  
There are storage units, social areas and a training area in addition to the production lines in the facility. Producers may get the pistachios back after processing, or they may prefer to put their processed pistachios directly on the market, with a single brand and unique label.  
Through a series of marketing plans and activities Siirt’s pistachio brand highlighting the unique features of its variety is established. All local pistachio producers are invited to utilise this new brand.  
Production quality is increased when pistachios are processed with state of the art machinery, and aflatoxin formation is prevented when correct processing and storage conditions are secured. Pistachios go through cleaning, drying, peeling, roasting and salting processes and later, through physical, chemical and microbiological analyses; and then, they are packaged in line with the expectations of domestic and international markets.
As well as improving capacities and skills of managers and employees of the Centre through a variety of courses, an SME training programme is also offered on marketing, sales, production, storage techniques and quality, food safety, environment, occupational safety, operation, institutionalisation and foreign trade.


According to estimates of the Association of Siirt Pistachio Producers, Siirt Chamber of Commerce and Siirt Provincial Directorate of Agriculture, the fresh pistachios production in 2017, September harvesting period is expected to be around 43 thousand tonnes in Siirt, which has many advantages in relations to its geographical position and soil structure. These mean that Siirt’s share of pistachio production in the world will be at least 5%!

Siirt Integrated Pistachio Processing facility is accredited with ISO 9001 quality management system; ISO 22000 food safety management system; ISO 14001 environmental management system and OHSAS 18001 occupational health and safety management system.

Competitiveness and Innovation