My Bee, My Honey, My Honeycomb Project


Through the Project, a high technology facility for production, storage and innovative marketing is built in Ordu for the utilization of honey producers in the region.
The facility from which representatives of the sector nationwide can benefit also includes internationally recognised Test and Analysis laboratories. Honey and honey products that meet hygiene and quality standards are awarded an internationally recognized certificate. Strategies are being developed to increase market share for certificated products by selling them both locally and on international markets.
Process and Analysis Centre established under the project carry out research and development studies on issues such as production techniques, honey analysis methods, product diversification and increasing hive productivity.
Diversification of bee-products and proper packaging to consumer demand are ensured through the processing, packaging and temporary storage facilities.
Through the contact points established in Giresun, Rize, Trabzon, Sinop, Samsun and Ordu questions from small regional companies are responded and their access to opportunities they wouldn’t be able to reach on their own are accelerated.


Honey is a unique product for our nutrition. It is hard to acquire reliable honey with its pure nature. Currently, honey producing SMEs do not have the capacity to establish the infrastructure for packaging and ensure sustainability. “My Bee, My Honey, My Honeycomb Project” is providing these SMEs with the opportunity to package their products with high hygienic and contemporary facilities, to have their honey tested and analysed. With this, while they will have a better chance to new markets, consumers will enjoy reliable honey.

Competitiveness and Innovation