Natural Stone Manufacturing and Marketing Support Centre in Bayburt Project


Currently, in the region, there are 412 quarries with a license to explore for and process natural stone. Within the project, a 10,000 m2 centre which houses a range of high-tech machinery and equipment is established and opened to the usage of all natural stone producers in the region in April 2017. As well as this equipment, the machinery required to carry out feasibility studies is also made available to the producers in the region.
Training and capacity building activities comprised a substantial part of this project, which has contributed to SMEs by improving their administrative structures and marketing capacities. Private consultants who provide sectoral support to SMEs that seek to be more competitive carry out this work.
The project aimed to increase the competitiveness and marketing power of the natural stone quarries and workplaces, leading these businesses to claim a larger proportion of both local and international markets.


Bayburt is one of the planet’s richest natural stone reserves with 200 million cubic meters of soft, easy-to-process natural stone that is suitable for heat and sound insulation. About 60% of Bayburt stone, thought to have formed over 10 million years, is wasted as the product is put onto the market. Overcoming this major loss of raw material demands productive natural tone facilities equipped with technological infrastructure and a trained workforce.

Competitiveness and Innovation