A Photographer’s Handbook: How To Take Pictures of an EU Funded Project


Photographs are a very effective means through which projects can visualise their activities.

One single picture can truly say more than ‘one’ thousand or ‘ten’ thousand words. Especially in this fast-moving period, when people are busy and are bombarded with information, pictures are a means through which a project can demonstrate what it does in a very speedy and strong way. Photos can show actions, people, successes, outcomes. And apart from the obvious accompaniment to press releases and for publications, they can be used in different ways, from an exhibition, to a calendar, to a slide-show on a website. But their angle and quality should be effective. There are also some basic rules that need to be followed, not only on the angle and focus, but also on issues such as resolution, copyright and respecting EU visibility guidelines. In this publication, the EU Neighbourhood Info Centre has put together some guidelines for projects, including many examples of good and bad photos and ideas of how they can be used.