Samsun Logistics Centre Project


The centre is built on 163 acres of land in Tekkeköy, the intersection of all alternative routes, and provides a logistics warehouse for the companies in the region, fostering competitiveness across a wide geography in the region. 
The project provides storage, shipping areas, social facilities and administrative buildings that benefit a range of businesses, including entrepreneurs, wholesalers, traders, artisans and SMEs. This service increases the competitiveness of small local businesses by increasing their added value through distribution technologies. The project also provides job opportunities to approximately 2,000 people, supporting the local community and economy.
The Samsun Logistics Centre Project allows companies and small businesses to make use of the equipment needed in this sector. 


Samsun is situated at the hub of four modes of transportation – sea, air, road and rail – and is home to five Organized Industrial Zone. Apart from its international significance, Samsun acts as the start of two of Türkiye’s primary transport lines: both the north-south and the east-west axes. The city has the potential to become an import and export gateway for the 400 million people residing in the Middle East, Central Asian and Caucasus.

Competitiveness and Innovation