Sivas Enterprise Development Centre Project


The Sivas  Enterprise Development Centre Project brings a new facility to the region with an aim to increase the number of SMEs from different sectors such as metal processing, machinery and food products.  Centre premises consisting of 35 workshops also houses meeting rooms, an exhibition hall, a communication centre and a multi-purpose conference hall for the use by SMEs.
While strengthening the infrastructure, with the Project, start-ups are supported at their ground phases and provided a more competitive business environment, Centre’s staff and potential tenants’ institutional capacities are improved, and thus sustainability of the facility is ensured.
İŞGEM tenants are also supported to develop business plans and implement these. After a transparent and fair selection process, it is expected that 25% of the entrepreneurs occupying the İŞGEM facility to be female and young entrepreneurs. Furthermore, the entrepreneurs are informed on business development centres, entrepreneurship and SMEs support schemes through the seminars held during the project.


Having been a settlement area and city centre since the early times in history, Sivas has an economy, which relies heavily on agriculture and livestock production. Being an important logistics centre with its location at highway and railway intersections, Sivas is also rich in natural resources. Although the industry sector has been rapidly developing in recent years, the infrastructure and consultancy services for SMEs must be revised and improved to achieve even higher levels of regional competition. 

Competitiveness and Innovation