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Strong Civil Society Organizations and multi-stakeholder partnerships for active and prosperous youth in Tajikistan - ProYouth

The Pro Youth project supports youth and young communities, especially in rural areas in Tajikistan, by increasing their capacity and skills to actively participate in socio-economic life, at the local, regional, and national levels.

Partnerships for active and prosperous youth in Tajikistan


“ProYouth” is a joint action of Hilfswerk International and the Tajik CSOs “MIR- Office for Initiatives Development” (MIR), and Union of Professional Consultants of Tajikistan (UPCT) and is based on the initiative of the local partners.

Evidence shows that weak CSO capacity and engagement in policy dialogue and lack of collaboration between civil society and governments still hamper civil society development in Tajikistan. Tajik CSOs struggle with inadequate legislation and reduction in funding from the donor community. CSOs can play a key role in promoting inclusive growth and empowering young men and women to participate actively in social and economic life. Youth engagement and entrepreneurship are important instruments for overcoming social exclusion and poverty.

The project aims to strengthen civil society organizations (CSOs) in 24 jamoats in in Sogd oblast, Khatlon oblast, Dushanbe city and Khujand city in Tajikistan as competent and reliable actors of governance and accountability in promoting youth participation in social and economic life.

The project promotes close cooperation among government agencies and local authorities, CSOs, youth in the target communities, Business Intermediary Organizations (BIOs), international organizations and representatives of the European Union, providing platforms for joint dialogue aimed at development and access to new opportunities.

Partnerships for active and prosperous youth in Tajikistan


The project empowers CSOs, actively working with young women and men, by strengthening their capacity and providing them with knowledge, skills, and tools, which allow them to improve youth participation in socio-economic life and youth self-development with a focus on rural population. The action applies a gender sensitive approach with a commitment to gender mainstreaming throughout the project cycle, supporting social inclusion and entrepreneurship as the main factors that play an important role in strengthening the economy across all sectors to ensure sustainable development and inclusion of women in the socio-economic life of society.

The main target groups are

•            20 CSOs and/or grass root organizations, providing support for young women and men

•            24 Youth Community Groups

•            100 Representatives of national and local public authorities

•            100 members of the youth community groups, willing to be active as volunteers

•            At least 2000 young people aged 18-30 (min 80 in each target communities) (min 50% women), who face social and/or economic obstacles

•            Families of young people involved in the current action lack information and knowledge about policies, initiatives, and opportunities at the local level

•            Local population (approx. 500.000 target communities’ members)

The main activities of the project are:

  • Trainings for CSOs and youth community groups in (strategic) planning, financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and gender equality
  • “Train the Trainer” course in for mentors in leadership, negotiation, and networking
  • Youth Online knowledge hub & networking platform with tailored learning tools
  • Webinars for civil society actors, youth, and relevant stakeholders
  • 8 discussions on young women’s empowerment on district level
  • 2 Regional Round Tables for CSOs and local and national authorities
  • Youth Think Tank (informal structure)
  • Joint working session for the elaboration of action plans for youth community events
  • Business-oriented and social youth community events