Kakono Hydropower Plant: Signing ceremony for the AFDB and AFD agreements with Government of Tanzania

Kakono Hydropower Plant:
Signing ceremony for the AFDB and AFD agreements with Government of Tanzania
: Ministry of Finance and Planning
Wednesday – 15/03/2023

Remarks by Mr Cedric Merel, Head of Cooperation


  • The EU is glad to contribute to the GoT effort to diversify its sources of energy and to bring green energy in its energy mix.


  • The project will add 87,8MW to Tanzania’s national grid and will reduce GHG emissions by 213,810 tons per year, therefore a significant contribution to economic development and to climate change adaptation.


  • The contribution of the European Union, 36 Million Euros (90 Bio TZS) in grants, will provide the indispensable elements of Technical assistance, environmental studies and capacity building that make this investment possible.


  • This action illustrate the EU Green deal and the Global Gateway which are our flagship Strategies to promote renewable energies and to invest in key strategic infrastructures in partner countries.


  • The EU ongoing support to the energy sector in Tanzania is considerable with EUR180 million (450 Bio TZS) invested at macro and micro levels, such as the support to the Energy sector reform, Energy efficiency, clean cooking, rural electrification and  investments and support to the private sector.


  • We had the opportunity to give visibility to the EU and its Member States support during the recent Tanzania-EU Business forum on 23/24 February that has witnessed investments announcements worth 1 billion Euros (2.5 Trio TZS), and in particular the signing of the agreement, between the 3 donors partners, of the Kakono hydropower project. This signature today is there a follow-up to the investment announcement at the Business Forum and there will be more of those in the coming months.


  • I would like to thank the government of Tanzania and in particular the Minister of Energy Hon. January Yusuf Makamba with whom we have a continuous and fruitful dialogue on Energy matters.


  • I would like to also thank our partners AFDB and AFD who will bring not only the loans but also the expertise necessary to give life to such an ambitious project.


  • I’m looking forward continuing our rich cooperation, notably during the next Tanzania Renewable Energy Day to take place later in 2023 and also through our various programmes on Sustainable cities and blue economy through which, as Team Europe, we will continue to promote and support green energies in Tanzania.


  • Asanteni Sana.