Tanzania - Zambia Interconnector


The project will construct a 620 km of 400 kV double circuit transmission line, from Iringa in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania, to the Zambian border and continue on from the Zambian border to Sumbawanga. This will link the Tanzanian grid to Zambia’s grid and it includes the construction of a sub-station at Tunduma, close to the Zambian border.


The EU grant will finance:

  • The construction of the Tunduma substation, including the installation of a power distributor;
  • The construction of a 4km transmission line from Tunduma to the Zambian border;
  • Capacity building for the Tanzanian public utility – TANESCO, on the operation of the grid, integration of renewable energy, smart grid technologies and operation and maintenance of electricity lines and substations.

More project details here: