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Tax Modernization Programme

The programme supports the Tanzania Revenue Authority to improve voluntary tax compliance through digitalization and modernization of the tax administration.

Funded by the European Union



  • Implementation of Data Centre to ensure well functioning ICT systems.
  • Trainings and workshops to introduce a service culture at TRA.
  • Improving communication with taxpayer by implementing a communication strategy.
  • Implement a strategy to strengthen the quality of internal audit at TRA.
  • Implement a strategy that identifies and addresses the most frequent forms of non-compliance amongst taxpayers.



Expected results:

  • Increased tax revenue collection through voluntary compliance.
  • Reduced costs of compliance.
  • Improved reliability and availability of TRA systems, e.g. for e-filing, to make paying taxes easier.
  • Improve service delivery to taxpayers through a better service culture, communication and improved feedback mechanisms.


  • 16.7% increase in tax revenues.
  • >90% of taxpayers file taxes online.
  • Improved taxpayer communication and feedback mechanisms
  • High Availability Data Centre procured.
  • Strategy to identify and address non-compliance of taxpayers adopted.
EUR 8.2M (21.24 Billion TZS)
DANIDA, Tanzania Revenue Authority
EUR 2.2M (5.69 Billion TZS)