Do you know what we see when we look through the African lens?

We see an Africa that’s full of ideas. An Africa that’s bursting with ambition, and an Africa that’s changing the world by impacting creativity, education, tech, agriculture, healthcare, entrepreneurship - and doing it all sustainably.

Tanzania is an exemplary reflection of the robust potential and opportunities that young people are harnessing in their daily pursuits. We are supporting and investing in their long-lasting positive impact throughout the continent.

We are going to celebrate our achievements from working together so far, while also ensuring that we continue on this positive journey for generations to come.

So the question is: What do you see, Africa?


Do you see yourself pursuing higher education and skills? The Erasmus+ programme supports your goals!

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We see a thriving Tanzania with innovative and creative youth! “FUNGUO” unlocks opportunities for Tanzanian innovators and start-up entrepreneurs. Open here!



We envision Tanzania as a leader in sustainable food solutions! This is why we support and connect Tanzanian farmers to better markets through EU AGRICONNECT. Click here to harvest more!

Agriconnect Zanzibar


Do you know that it is getting easier to trade in the East African region and to export agricultural products to Europe and the rest of the world? Check out the EU-EAC (MARKUP) for opportunities that could be for you.

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Not all HEROES wear capes!

Meet Frida, with her expertise and determination to solve water challenges, is leading by example.

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Frida Mahanyi is a water management expert helping to make fresh, clean water a daily reality for her community in Lindi Region. Frida oversees the maintenance and repair of water leakages, and thanks to her efforts, communities no longer travel long distances for water, and sanitation is better understood.


Let’s be inspired by Origa who is a wonderful mother, a great farmer and a brilliant teacher to many.

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Origa Mtema is a tea farmer in Njombe Region. She is part of Lupembe AMCOs, growing and selling tea within Tanzania. She is also training others on how to resuscitate tea farms and develop successful farms of their own. Origa is driven to give tea a vital role in Tanzania’s economy.


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