EU and Mercy Corps handed over Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Suco Disaster Management Committee of Dare Village

Mercy Corps, through the Maloa Urban Resilience Initiative, funded by European Union handed over 126 Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to Suco Disaster Management Committee of Dare Village, administrative post of Vera Cruz, Dili Municipality.   


With the increasing effects of climate change and risk of flooding, with additional complications for vulnerable households in recent years in Dili, the Maloa Urban Resilience Initiative is providing 126 PPE consisting of vest, rescue helmet, stretcher, tarpaulin, raincoat, safety gloves and hand megaphone.

This equipment will be used to indicate identity of the Suco Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) members and also to support disaster response activities to save lives of people vulnerable to disasters and to become more resilient at village level.

Besides supporting the establishment of SDMC in six targeted villages; Dare, Vilaverde, Bairo Pite, Colmera, Motael and Kampung Alor, the project helps improving their knowledge, skills and capacity in participatory disaster risk assessment, disaster risk management, search and rescue, first aid, contingency plan, simulation and drills.

 “This project is a sign of the solidarity of the EU and Mercy Corps with Timor-Leste and, more particularly, those living in Dare. It is also an important sign of solidarity among residents, your institutions and the community, here the aldeia Lemorana. If you are here, it is because you are active in this project, you have chosen to play an important role in supporting your neighbours and eventually you may save lives. I applaud you for the commitment that you are showing to your community”, said the Ambassador of the European Union Delegation to Timor-Leste, Marc Fiedrich. 

The handover ceremony took place at Aldeia Lemorana, Dare, in Dili Municipality and was attended by the European Union Ambassador, representatives of Dili Municipal Authority and Civil Protection Authority, and other stakeholders.