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Alexander Sisekin "About masculinity"


There are different types of dances in the world: national, ballroom, dancesport, social, modern.

Dancesport has always been spectacular and had made admirers, including my parents. That's why I was brought to the dance sport center "Grace" at the age of 10. I liked it, I stayed, and from that moment dancing became a big part of my life.

I graduated from the state university "STANKIN" in Moscow, specializing in information measuring systems and technologies. During my studies, I continued to dance, but already at a professional level at the Central Sports Center "CSKA".

At the moment I have a full time job based on my educational background, but I never quite dancing. Therefore, by my personal example, I can show that dancesport can also be a profession. In 2017, together with my partner, we became bronze medalists of the VI Asian Games, and we were awarded the title of Master of Dancesport, after that we opened our own dance studio “ProDance”.

There are many stereotypes about men who dance professionally. But very few people know that in the theory of dancesport, male partner is assigned a very courageous role. The male partner must lead, direct his partner; he sets the dynamics of the dance.

In turn, the female partner should be “comfortable”, light and beautiful in her movement. For those who hold feminist views, this description of the female partner is simply unacceptable. But in the classical theory of dancesport, it is precisely such roles that are assigned to the partners.

And now think about it, following such description of the roles of both partners in the dancesport, how courageous should a male partner be?

By nature, women are more open and sensitive. They are not afraid to express their feelings and emotions. Therefore, no one questions why women go dancing.

The image of a man is most often described as serious, laconic, reserved. With such characteristics, there can be no talk of any dances.

However, I want to convey to everyone that, regardless of your gender, dancing is an emotional release, emancipation, self-expression. There is nothing in dancing that could be inherent only to one sex.

Every person needs to find something they like. For me, this was dancesport. I hope that more and more boys and men will change their attitude towards dancesport and come for their own sake, contrary to social stereotypes.

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