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Call for Expressions of Interest: Accommodation for Purchase (Residence of the Ambassador)


Call for Expressions of Interest: Accommodation for Purchase (Residence of the Ambassador)


The EU Delegation to the UN in New York is looking to purchase a property (an apartment or a townhouse) suitable for use as the residence of the Head of Delegation.


  1. Type of premises, size and state of the building

We are interested in premises suitable for use as a residence, such as a larger apartment or townhouse, with a private outdoor space.


The total surface area for the property must be no more than 600m² (approx. 6,450 sq ft). This figure does not include basements, terraces, balconies, gardens, open parking spaces.

The building must be in good state of maintenance so that no improvement or repair works are needed.

Parking spaces should be available in the vicinity; a nearby electric vehicle charging point would be desirable.

  1. Image and representation

The image and location of the building should correspond to the occupant’s official standing as the EU representative to the UN. The residence should have a representative image, but not be excessively ostentatious.

  1. Location

The building should be ideally located in a diplomatic neighbourhood easily accessible by private vehicle or public transport. Preferred areas are: Lenox Hill and Upper East Side in Manhattan.

  1. Functionality

There should be a clear separation between the representational and private areas of the residence. As a venue for official representation, the residence needs to have facilities which also allow larger gatherings of people. As private accommodation, it needs to offer all facilities that allow a normal family life. The private area of the residence should be sufficiently large to accommodate different family compositions.

Reception area

A typical residence should have the following rooms in the reception area:

  • the entrance hall and reception area should provide sufficient space for official receptions of at least 50 guests;
  • the dining room should seat at least 14 people and should be close to the kitchen;
  • the kitchen area should be suitable for the size and function of the residence;
  • powder rooms for guests;
  • if possible, a cloakroom beside the entrance;
  • if possible, a guest room;
  • if possible, a number of easily accessible parking spaces for vehicles at the entrance.

A private outdoor space should be adjacent to the reception area.

Private area

The private accommodation should preferably be separate from, and if possible independent of, the reception area. A typical residence should have the following rooms:

  • a primary bedroom;
  • two or three bedrooms for children and dependents;
  • a guest room (if there is no such room in the reception area);
  • two or more bathrooms;
  • a family room;
  • equipment rooms;
  • a garage or car port.

The following features are optional but nonetheless desirable for the private area:

  • a room that can be used as an office;
  • a small kitchen;
  • an area for domestic staff and to include a laundry area;
  • cellars and storage areas.

Security features, such as, but not limited to, burglary resistant doors/windows, electronic alarm system are considered an asset.

5. Access for disabled people and environmental aspects

Where possible, the proposed building has to offer access to disabled persons and environmental aspects should be considered.


If you are interested to participate, you may express your interest by sending an email to:

Deadline to express your interest: 

31/12/2021 5:00pm local time 


Submitted proposals should provide:

  • A full description of the existing building and detailed information on sale conditions
  • Spreadsheets of surfaces in square meters
  • Floor plan and photos
  • Contact details of real estate agent
€ 15.000 - € 60.000