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EU Talks – Non-Proliferation Treaty Conference in Focus Episode - Premieres on 11 August 2022

10 August 2022, New York – Non-Proliferation Treaty Conference in Focus EU Talk Episode no. 6, hosted by Ambassador Silvio Gonzato, Deputy Head of EU Delegation, premieres on Thursday 11 August 2022, at 1pm on the EU Delegation YouTube Channel.

EU Tallks focus on the NPT


The Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (NPT) is a landmark international treaty whose objective is to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and weapons technology, to promote co-operation in the peaceful uses of nuclear energy and to further the goal of achieving nuclear disarmament and general and complete disarmament. The NPT represents the only binding commitment in a multilateral treaty to the goal of disarmament by the nuclear-weapon States.

This episode of EU Talks will focus on the Treaty, why and how it works and on its positive results that it has made on the lives of ordinary citizens. While the immediate problems that the media is overflowing with should not be downplayed, they need to be seen against a background of decades of sensible development and the fact there is a set of rules, that we can demand is respected. The effect of the non-proliferation regime has so far been that the vast majority of countries have abstained from acquiring atomic arms, significantly lowering the global nuclear risk. More than half a century after its signing, the NPT remains largely intact. Its 10th review conference will be affected by the present challenges.

EU Talks is honoured to host EU Ambassador Marjolijn van Deelen, Special Envoy for Non-Proliferation and Disarmament and Selma Chehabi Schouw, blogger and digital management expert.

If you want to learn about what the Non-Proliferation Treaty does and about what its pillars do, why is the nuclear file it important, and who monitors if the NPT is respected - watch Non-Proliferation Treaty Conference in Focus EU Talks Episode no. 6.

While the goal of the United Nations is to improve the daily lives of citizens around the world, the reality is more complicated. The UN is a complex organisation with dozens of offices and thousands of staff. The EU Talks series aims to candidly discuss the UN’s work and how it delivers by engaging with diplomats and UN officials as well as experts, journalists and activists, creating a valuable space, especially for young people.

Watch EU Talks Episode 6 on the EU Delegation’s YouTube Channel and join the conversation on social media using #EUTalks.