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The Ambassadors to the Holy See Literary Award 2021


The book "“Mio Dio, come sei buono. La vita e il messaggio di Charles de Foucauld” by Father Andrea Mandonico wins the Ambassadors to the Holy See Literary Award 2021

The book “Mio Dio, come sei buono. La vita e il messaggio di Charles de Foucauld” by Father Andrea Mandonico, Lecturer in Interreligious Studies at the Pontifical Gregorian University, won the second edition of the Ambassadors to the Holy See Literary Award 2021. The book is published by the Vatican Publishing House with a preface by Mgr Ennio Apeciti, Rector of the Pontifical Lombard Seminary in Rome.


This Literary Award, born in 2019 from the initiative of a large group of Ambassadors to the Holy See also to pay homage to the language of Dante and the country that hosts their embassies, is aimed at authors who publish books in Italian for the general public on topics related to Christian culture and values, relations between Christian Churches and States, the history of Christian Churches and interreligious dialogue.

The Jury of this second edition - whose President is the Ambassador Alexandra Valkenburg, Head of European Union Delegation to the Holy See, and Vice President is the Ambassador of Italy to the Holy See Pietro Sebastiani - proclaimed the winner after reviewing 57 books published in 2020.

The short biography of Blessed Charles De Foucauld highlights the salient points of his spirituality and pastoral care. The author opens his essay with an in-depth study of the time and history of the century in which the blessed lives and continues by tracing his biographical and mystical profile. The blessed still exercises fascination today in the Church and outside. The Work was born on the inspiration of the beatification of the martyrs of Algeria on 8 December 2018, whose story has been told in the volume Simply Christians: The Life and Message of the Blessed Martyrs of Tibhirine by Thomas Georgeon and François Vayne.

The award ceremony will be held at the Borromeo Palace, seat of the Embassy of Italy to the Holy See, on 20 September 2021.

The President and Vice President of the Jury thank the Italian Booksellers Association (Associazione Librai Italiani o ALI), the Italian Publishers Association (Associazione Italiana Editori or AIE), the Association of Independent Publishers (Associazione degli Editori Indipendenti or ADEI) and the Union of Italian Catholic Publishers and Booksellers (Unione Editori e Librai Cattolici Italiani or UELCI) for their fruitful cooperation, in addition to the publishing houses who kindly provided copies of the books that participated in the literary prize. Lastly, a special recognition goes to the Advisory Committee - made up of a delegate from the Pontifical Council for Culture, a delegate from the Pontifical Committee for Historical Sciences, a representative of the European Academy of Religion and other personalities with recognized authority in promoting Christian culture - for the precious assistance provided to the Jury in the evaluation and selection phases of the candidate books.