CALL FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST: Search for rent or purchase of a residence


The Delegation of the European Union to the United Kingdom is seeking initially to rent a property in London as a residence for its Ambassador. In the medium term, the Delegation is looking into the purchase option.

This property should meet the European Union's requirements, concerning quality of construction, space, security and location. The following criteria are desirable.


  1. Functionality

Reception area

A typical residence should have the following rooms in the reception area:

  • the entrance hall and reception area should provide sufficient space for official receptions for at least 50 guests (80-100 m2);
  • the dining room should seat at least 14 people and should be close to the kitchen;
  • the kitchen area should be suitable for the size and function of the residence and be separated from the reception area;
  • toilets.

The following features are optional but nonetheless desirable for the reception area:

  • if possible, a cloakroom beside the entrance;
  • if possible, depending on local custom, a guest room;
  • if the building is detached with its own garden, it is advisable to have a number of easily accessible parking places for vehicles at the entrance;
  • depending on the climate and on local custom, the residence may also feature a covered terrace, a porch and a swimming pool.

Private area

The private accommodation should be separate from, and if possible independent of, the reception area. A typical residence should have the following rooms:

  • a master bedroom;
  • two or three bedrooms for children and dependants;
  • a guest room (if there is no such room in the reception area);
  • one or more bathrooms;
  • a family room;
  • equipment rooms;
  • a garage or car port.

The following features are optional but nonetheless desirable for the private area:

  • a room that can be used as an office (alternatively, this may be in the reception area);
  • a small kitchen;
  • depending on local custom, it may be appropriate to provide for an area for domestic staff and to include a laundry area;
  • cellars and storage areas.


  1. Size

As a general rule the total surface area of all the rooms is fixed at a maximum of 600m².


  1. Type of premises and state of the building

Various types of premises can be suitable as residence such as larger apartments, semi-detached or detached houses. Parking space must be taken into consideration. The building should be in good state of maintenance so that no improvement or repair work is needed.


  1. Image and representation

The image and location of the building selected as residence should correspond to the occupant’s official standing as EU representative in the country. Residences should adopt a representative image, but not be excessively ostentatious.


  1. Location

The following locations should be taken into consideration:

  • the preferred areas are Westminster, St James, Pimlico, Belgravia, Chelsea;
  • access routes: avoid wherever possible places on roads which come to a dead end or which are accessible by only one road;
  • distance from the Delegation offices (Smith Square Westminster), other residences, ministries and other centres of interest; the state of the road communications (time is more important than distance).


  1. Security

The security situation in the host country strongly influences the choice of the type of the buildings, its location and the need for additional protection measures. Safety and security conditions should meet the standards laid down for the specific security situation of the country.


  1. Price

The price should be average in relation to what is paid for comparable houses, on the basis of market research.


  1. Access for disabled people and environmental aspects

Where possible, the proposed Residence has to offer access to disabled persons and environmental aspects should be considered.


Offers may include either:

- Proposals from private constructors to develop, sell or lease a bespoke property

- Proposals to sell existing suitable properties, preferably in good condition.

Submitted proposals should provide:

  • A full description of the lot and/or the existing building
  • Spreadsheets of surfaces in square metres
  • Detailed information on the proposal
  • In case of a construction proposal, information on building company
  • Information on sale conditions, including price per square metre.


Proposals must be submitted:

  1. either by post or by courier not later than 30 November 2022 to the address indicated hereunder.
  2. or delivered by hand not later than 30 November 2022 to the address indicated hereunder


For further information please liaise with the Delegation of the European Union to the United Kingdom at Delegation-United-Kingdom-Admin-Tender@eeas.europa.euCopy to


Address of the Delegation of the European Union to the United Kingdom:

Europe House
32 Smith Square
SW1P 3EU London