'Designing the perfect fit' - how new IT platforms are empowering consumers to stay fashionable..sustainably!

The EU Delegation, in partnership with the Netherlands Embassy to the UK and Aspen UK, hosted a panel discussion that worked through some of the new solutions emerging that work towards making fashion more sustainable - one among these turns to the potential of new IT platforms such as Save your Wardrobe.

At the EU Delegation's recent event, dedicated to the discussion of where sustainability and global fashion meet, debate turned to the novel solutions emerging to the problems embedded in modern textile industries.
Alongside Shailja Dubé of the British Fashion CouncilEmilien Gasc from the EU Delegation to the UK; Safia Minney, MBE FRSA founder of People Tree and author of Regenerative Fashion, the CEO and co-founder of the
Save your Wardrobe platform, Hasna Kourda brought the room's attention to the potential of her
digital wardrobe platform that offers users personalised recommendations and connects them with third party service providers to update and repair their clothes. Hasna underlined the importance that should be placed on empowering consumers by providing easy and actionable steps to extend the life of their garments as well as supporting brands to tap into circular opportunities. It was noted however that responsibility for improving the sustainability of the fashion industry could, of course, not be borne by the consumer alone.
In a lively exchange moderated by Bella Webb, Sustainability Editor at Vogue Business, Emilien Gasc took the opportunity to  introduce the EU's
Circular Economy Action Plan to the audience and specifically to outline how the EU strategy for sustainable textiles,  announced earlier this year, aims to tackle some of the greatest environmental challenges created by the global fashion industry..

For more on the EU's Strategy for sustainable textiles please visit here.