Indicative planning for contracts between € 15.000 and € 140.000


The Delegation of the European Union to Vietnam has the intention to launch a call for tender for the following contracts until end of 2022.

Natural and legal persons interested in participating in this tender are invited to send their expression of interest to mailbox:

The application must contain the information indicating the identification of the vendor (name, business type, business address, telephone and email) for being accepted in the vendors' list.

I. Services:

1. Tender for pest control service for office and private residences:  to be launched in 2nd quarter 2022

2. Tender for travel agency service (domestic and international flight ticket and other related services): to be launched in 2nd quarter 2022

3. Tender for social media campaign promoting climate actions, raising EU visibility as the global player in climate change: to be launched in 2nd quarter 2022

II. Supply:

1. Tender for supply of 4x4 car for office: to be launched in 2nd quarter 2022

The list will be updated regularly.

Deadline for expression of interest is 17:00 22 April 2022.

Sending of invitation to tender (indicative time):


Deadline to express your interest (inscription):