My Autistic Robinson (European Literature Days 2022)



“My Autistic Robinson” revolves around the titular character and his father. As an autist, his body is normal while his brain is stunted. His father is a literature professor who goes to countless lecture halls analyzing the soft power and magic of language, but he is completely helpless when it comes to his son.

As a non-autistic adult born in the age that still celebrates happiness as the purpose of life, the sober dad realizes he's not at all happy to have a son unlike any other.

And thus, with all of his clumsy courage he embarks far into the lonely island of his beloved son – a world that functions outside the realm of instinct and experience.

 Through the father and son’s different slices-of-life, where even the simplest moment is laid bare before our eyes: going to the supermarket, walking, eating together, bathing, playing…; we recognize Laurent Demoulin’s subtle yet still full of humour writing style. Demoulin wields the ability to turn the most painful, desperate experiences into a soothing song of fatherhood. This book helps us realize how life is big enough to embrace all of the differences that make each of us uniquely human.



Laurent Demoulin (1966) is a Belgian novelist, poet and literary critic using French. As an expert on the famous writer Simenon, he is in charge of the Georges Simenon Research Centers and Foundation of the University of Liège, and is also a professor of Literature at this school. His debut novel "My Autistic Robinson" won the 2017 Belgian Victor-Rossel Prize. The book has been published in Vietnamese by Nha Nam.

06:00 pm
Goethe-Institut Hanoi, 56-58-60 Nguyen Thai Hoc, Ba Dinh District / Online via Zoom
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Languages: Vietnamese, French

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