Strengthening the Rule of Law in Yemen: Promoting Restorative Justice and Gender Responsive Justice


Contributing to the reduction of overcrowding and recidivism rate of the targeted prisons in Yemen by promoting informal justice mechanism, restorative justice to resolve cases, strengthening the correctional and rehabilitation department and introducing reintegration schemes for prisoners with special focus on gender responsive justice.

Specific Objectives of the Action

  • Create and promote early diversion mechanism from the justice systems and restorative practices amongst the key criminal justice stakeholders
  • To enhance the skills and function of the correctional and rehabilitation department personnel in prison management, reintegration of offenders and upholding the human rights principles and administration of justice standards
  • Development of an aftercare and reintegration scheme ot serve ex-inmates and reduce the rate of recidivism
  • Support the creation of a gender responsive justice in Yemen that takes needs and rights of women into consideraton and enhance their access to justice 

EU Contribution 



January 2019-December 2020

Implementing Partner

Penal Reform International

Funding Instrument 

Development and Cooperation Instrument