2022 Report on EEAS Activities to Counter FIMI

The EEAS has a specific team working on the challenge of Foreign Information Manipulation and Interference, including disinformation. Following the Activity Report for 2021, the Strategic Communication, Task Forces and Information Analysis Division (SG.STRAT.2) has just published a report on its 2022 activities to counter FIMI. The work during the last year has considerably been shaped by Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine on 24th February 2022. Since the creation of the East Stratcom Task Force in 2015, followed by the creation of the Western Balkans Task Force and the Task Force South, the Strategic Communications Division has further expanded, geographically and technically. The Division now has, in addition to the three Task Forces, a dedicated Data Analysis Team as well as a team responsible for Policy, Strategy and Global Priority Issues, which also includes expertise and capacity on information manipulation and interference activities by actors related to the Chinese authorities.