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Celebrating women empowerment and gender equality in Turkmenistan


"Women in various positions" is a networking event to promote women empowerment taking place on Tuesday 9 March.

Shirin, Guljamal, Ene


Equal personal and professional development opportunities, childcare, work-life balance, socially imposed expectations on women, the effect of COVID-19 on gender equality are on the agenda during this virtual networking event to mark the occasion of the International Women's Day.

The online networking event welcomes the participation of representatives of business and non-profit spheres, journalists and academic circles, art and technology representatives.


"I work as commercial illustrator. I didn’t see any issues regarding gender equality. What I see is systematic underdevelopment issues of the industry. I believe that we shall have more collaboration, share our knowledge together, and inspire young people to go into our field. We shall not be afraid of competition, but educate others about our industry and creative property rights." - Shirin Begmuradova


"NGOs are like business. If you want to survive, you need to develop and work hard. Traditionally, NGO work has been after women, as it covers social sphere, but this must change." - Guljamal Nurmuhammedova


"COVID-19 has hit gender equality hard. We are back by 15 years of the progress made. More and more women become stay-home moms, lose jobs and experience domestic violence. The global pandemic has denudated all the flows of societies around the globe in relation to the gender equality." - Ene Tuylieva