Construction of Sub-station and Extension of Distribution Power Lines


Construction of 220/33 kV Sub-station in Ifakara and 70 km Extension of Distribution Power Lines in Kilombero and Ulanga. The overall objective of the project is to improve living conditions of the rural population through provision of access to reliable electricity.


Specific objective of the project is to increase and stabilize the availability and access of electricity in rural areas of Ulanga and Kilombero districts.

Key activities:

  • Procurement of Supervision Consultant.
  • Procurement of Contractors for construction of sub-station and distribution power lines. The Supervisor will work with REA to review Tender Documents and procurement of the Contractors.
  • Construction of 1x20MVA, 220/33kV substation in Ifakara town along a 220 kV transmission line between Kihansi and Kidatu hydropower stations.
  • Construction of four separate distribution power lines which feed into various points in the existing and planned networks in the districts.
  • Connection of at least 1050 new customers in the rural villages of Ulanga and Kilombero districts. Connections will include 990 households, 48 agricultural processing facilities and 12 public facilities (schools, offices, health centres, etc.).
  • Commissioning of works and handing over the infrastructure to TANESCO.

More project details are here: