Countering Covid-19: EU Advisory Mission donates protective equipment to Ukrainian civilian security sector


The European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM) reached yesterday out to Ukrainian institutions caught up in the fight against Covid-19 by donating protective equipment to those on the frontline who are putting their lives and well-being at risk.



The agencies of the Civilian Security Sector in Ukraine are among the first-responders who cannot avoid physical contact with citizens, and are thus exposed to potential infection while policing, protecting the border, maintaining public order or carrying out other indispensable duties.

In order to ensure their safety, the European Union Advisory Mission (EUAM) this week handed over gloves and disinfectant-sanitizers to the National Police, the State Border Guard Service, the National Guard, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Office of the Prosecutor General, the State Customs Service, the Court Security Service and the Security Service of Ukraine. 


Protecting each other to protect ourselves

The Covid-19 emergency cannot be solved by going it alone. This fight has created unprecedented tasks and requires immediate response. Only by pulling our efforts together can we beat the virus and limit its consequences,” said EUAM’s Head of Mission, Antti Hartikainen. “Police officers, border guards and other law enforcers are among the modern-day heroes who risk their lives for the safety of citizens. This donation is a small act of solidarity with our Ukrainian partners.  It is important to protect each other if we want to protect ourselves.

The donation is just the first part of an EUAM assistance package worth approximately €120,000 that will also include FFP3/FFP2 respirators and thermometers.

TeamEurope support to the Ukraine

The EU has already announced over €190 million support package for Ukraine. This is part of the EU and its Member States’ global #TeamEurope Covid-19 response package. These funds will be spent on supplies of medical equipment, medical staff training and mitigation of the COVID-19 economic impact. On top of the existing support, the EU and its partners will help small and medium-sized enterprises, small farms, civil society and the conflict-affected regions in Ukraine’s east and south to beat Covid19.

Civilian CSDP Missions support countering Covid-19 within their means and capabilities

The civilian CSDP Missions as security actors do not have a humanitarian aid mandate, but within their means and capabilities, they provide specific advice and share information with international and national partners helping addressing the pandemic. These counter-Covid19 measures are in full coherence with the wider actions undertaken by the “Team Europe” global response to the coronavirus addressing the humanitarian, health, social and economic consequences of the crisis. Within their means and capabilities, the CSDP Missions and Operations also donate medical and protective equipment.

EUAM Ukraine supports establishment of efficient and accountable civilian security sector

Established in 2014 the EU Advisory Mission assists the Ukrainian authorities towards a sustainable reform of the civilian security sector through strategic advice and hands-on support for specific reform measures based on EU standards and international principles of good governance and human rights. The goal is to achieve a civilian security sector that is efficient, accountable, and enjoys the trust of the public. For more information on the activities of the Mission and its experts please see the EUAM Ukraine home page.