COVID-19: Team Europe stands together with Georgia


In these challenging times, the EU and Team Europe remain Georgia's strongest partner. This page contains a list of support we are mobilising which is updated regularly. We take this opportunity to thank all those who are working tirelessly to contain the pandemic and care for those in need, anywhere in the world.

Support for Georgia

EU launches nine new projects with EUR 7 million budget to support vocational education and labour market development in Georgia

09 December 2020 (web, facebook, twitter)

 EU disburses €100 million in macro-financial assistance to Georgia, most of it as part of COVID-19 support 25 November 2020 (web, facebook, twitter) EU and WHO deliver third shipment of critical medical supplies for COVID-19 frontline personnel in Georgia5 October 2020 (web, tweet) EU and Georgia sign Financing Agreements for COVID-19 Recovery worth €129 million 29 September 2020 (web, tweet) EU and WHO continue to deliver critical supplies for COVID-19 frontline health workers in Georgia21 September 2020 (web, facebook, twitter)  WHO and EU support training of medical personnel in regions of Georgia to reduce impact of COVID-1923 August 2020 (web)  

European Union and WHO deliver critical supplies for COVID-19 frontline health workers in Georgia

25 July 2020 (web, facebook, facebook, twitter, twitter)


Mayors for Economic Growth” has supported the adoption of a joint Local Economic Development Plan for the municipalities of Keda, Khulo, and Shuakhevi18 May 2020 (facebook) Joint statement on LGBTQI+ rights need attention during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond17 May 2020 (webfacebook) EU local statement on gender equality and the protection of vulnerable groups in Georgia in the Covid-19 context27 April 2020 (web, facebook) European Commission proposes third support package of €150 million macro-financial assistance for Georgia22 April 2020 (web, facebook, twitter)  Vincent Rey, Head of Cooperation, on TV Pirveli answering questions on EU support to Georgia amid COVID-19 17 April 2020 (facebook, facebook) EU announces second package of €183 million to support Georgia on Covid-199 April 2020 (web, facebook, twitter) An open letter to the government and people of Georgia from International Partners9 April 2020 (web, facebook, twitter) EU Ambassador to Georgia answers questions on COVID 19-related issues on Rustavi 29 April 2020 (facebook) EU announces first support package for Georgia on Covid-1930 March 2020 (web, facebook, twitter) Coronavirus: The European Union stands by its Eastern partners30 March 2020 (web) EU Ambassador on Covid-19 in Georgia: "Despite these difficult times, I cannot think of a better place to be right now than here in Georgia"25 March 2020 (web, facebook, twitter) 

Funding opportunities

Start-up innovation challenge by EBRD20 November 2020 (facebook) Call for selection of civil society organisations7 October 2020 (web, facebook) Standing together: Call for proposals for EU COVID-19 Solidarity Programme for Eastern Partnership6 October 2020 (web, facebook)EU, Sweden and Austria Announce € 860,000 for tourism development initiatives in Svaneti, Racha-Lechkhumi and Upper Imereti8 July 2020 (web, facebook, twitter) EU, FAO and MEPA launch GEL 3.2 million in grants to support Georgian farmers against COVID-19 15 May 2020 (web, facebook, twitter) Grant competition: Introducing “Smart Villages” in Georgia in response to Covid-19 Crisis4 May 2020 (facebook)  EU, Sweden and Austria announce €1.16 Million for local development initiatives in organic agriculture in Svaneti, Racha-Lechkhumi and Upper Imereti28 April 2020 (web, facebook, twitter) EU, MEPA and FAO award agricultural grants to bolster food production and security in Georgia amid the Covid-19 crisis24 April 2020 (web, facebook, twitter,) Due to Coronavirus emergency state in the country, the EU and FAO has extended the deadline of the agricultural Grant Competition3 April 2020 (facebook) EU rapid response grants for civil society, including for Covid-19 response2 April 2020 (web, facebook) With the Support of EU Tsalka LAG Announces a COVID-19 Rapid Response Grants for Tsalka Municipality31 March 2020 (web, facebook) Keda Local Action Group announces a grants competition in Keda municipality in response to COVID-1927 March 2020 (web, facebook) 

Actions on the Ground

Children from Socially Vulnerable Families in Sachkhere get internet access with support of the EU 28 November 2020 (web, facebook) EU marks International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women25 November 2020 (web, facebook)  Webinar to discuss COVID-19 tracing in wastewater12 November 2020 (facebook) EU and UNDP conduct training on labour safety18 October 2020 (facebook) Team Europe: EIB lends EUR 10 million to Credo Bank under its Georgia Outreach Initiative to support MSMEs2 August 2020 (web, facebook)   With the support of the EU, the winners of the photo contest was announced: "Pandemic and Women in Georgia"27 July 2020 (facebook) Study reveals awareness of the population on COVID-19 and positive attitudes towards actions taken to combat the pandemic 15 July 2020 (web, facebook, twitter) C Bot ChatBot with AI keeps Georgian business informed during pandemic13 July 2020 (web, facebook) EU, MEPA and FAO award over GEL 2 million in agricultural grants 9 July 2020 (web, facebook, twitter) EIB Group and Bank of Georgia join forces to support businesses in Georgia to better deal with the consequences of the COVID-19 crisis7 July 2020 (web, facebook) Georgian garment manufacturer Doctor Goods responds to pandemic with EU support6 July 2020 (web, facebook, twitter) Innovative Georgian Clothing Brand Increases Recruitment of Persons with Disabilities with EU Support2 July 2020 (web, facebook, twitter) EU launches website on Covid-19 support to businesses in Georgia19 June 2020 (web, facebook) Estonia donates disinfectand to Georgia, EU finances the transport19 June 2020 (facebook) Health and environment are closely interlinked: what can we learn from the current COVID-19 crisis?6 June 2020 (facebook) EU announces new projects supporting vulnerable groups in the Covid-19 crisis3 June 2020 (web, facebook, twitter) Sweden and Georgian Red Cross Society join forces against COVID-192 June 2020 (facebook) The EU has announced a new Horizon 2020 call for proposals on Covid-191 June 2020 (facebook) EU/EBRD support to Georgian companies30 May 2020 (facebook) EU-supported Local Action Groups in Georgia tackle the challenges caused by the Covid-19 pandemic29 May 2020 (web, facebook) EU beneficiary in Tetritskaro Responds the Covid-19 Challenges with the Development of Innovative Agricultural Services 29 May 2020 (web, facebook ) Animation on disinformation in relation to COVID-19 by Georgian Civil Society Sustainability Initiative29 May 2020 (facebook)  EBRD launches Covid-19 Information Support webpage for Georgia28 May 2020 (web)  Disinformation: Figure of the week: 1,152,27027 May 2020 (web, facebook) Young European Ambassadors’ online exhibition with art pieces reflecting challenges caused by coronavirus21 May 2020 (facebook) Medical equipment and disposables were provided to the Evex hospital in Khulo municipality19 May 2020 (facebook) EU and UNDP provide protective gear to front-line medical personnel in Georgia 15 May 2020 (web, facebook) EU supported project “Georgian Civil Society Sustainability Initiative” implemented innovative ways of delivering information to prevent further spread of COVID-19 14 May 2020 (web, facebook) Vincent Rey interview on TV Formula on the topic organic agriculture and mountain tourism 12 May 2020 (facebook)  Vincent Rey interview on Georgian Public Broadcaster/Channel 1 on EU support on the ground during COVID-1912 May 2020 (facebook)  EU and UNDP lunch hackathon event for rural development12 May 2020 (facebook)  EBRD supports Georgia Healthcare Group during the crisis11 May 2020 (EBRD web)  EU and UNDP launch 9 million GEL of grants for non-agricultural activities in Georgia’s rural regions7 May 2020 (web, facebook) With EU supported psychosocial Services Center Club Synergy provides remote telephone and online assistance7 May 2020 (facebook)  Georgian firms shift production to meet pandemic challenge5 May 2020 (web, facebook, twitter)  ResiliArt - is a global movement in response to the global COVID-19 pandemic5 May 2020 (facebook Disinformation: Think before you share5 May 2020 (web, facebook)  Video on fact checking to halt the spread of disinformation2 May 2020 (facebook Webinars to learn digital tools by EU-funded Eastern Partnership Civil Society Facility 1 May 2020 (facebook)  EBRD finances modernisation of Tbilisi metro30 April 2020 (EBRD web) Three initiatives in Keda municipality received EU funding to effectively respond to health, economic and education problems posed by the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic30 April 2020 (facebook, ENPARD web With EU support, Training of Trainers on women's labor rights moved to a virtual space30 April 2020 (facebook)  No time for rest: Caritas Czech Republic responds to Covid-19 related needs29 April 2020 (web) Women and COVID-19 webinars, by EU-supported Tsalka and Keda Local Action Groups in partnership with CENN29 April 2020 (facebook)  Statement on World Day for Safety and Health at Work28 April 2020 (facebook)  Tsalka LAG announces winners of the EU-funded COVID-19 rapid response grants competition28 April 2020 (facebook) EBRD and NBG join forces to support coronavirus-hit firms in Georgia27 April 2020 (EBRD web)  New EU4Youth/CENN Program to Foster Youth Employment & Sustainable Development through Social Entrepreneurship for Green Growth26 April 2020 (external web) The EU-supported Local Action Group of Upper Svaneti (LAG) is helping elderly and people with disabilities26 April 2020 (web, facebook, twitter)  The Training Center of the EU-supported Akhalkalaki Local Action Group has launched online courses to help the local population improve Georgian language skills amid the COVID-19 lockdown25 April 2020 (web, facebook)  EU-supported sewing workshop of the Convent in Kakheti produces 5000 medical masks to respond the crisis caused by the COVID-1924 April 2020 (web, facebook, twitter EBRD and EU clients support the battle against coronavirus in Georgia24 April 2020 (EBRD web  EU and UNDP project to help Georgian businesses to prevent, manage, and resolve disputes during the COVID-19 pandemic23 April 2020 (web, facebook, facebook, twitter) EU supported Akhalkalaki Local Action Group launched a COVID-19 information campaign in Georgian and Armenian languages21 April 2020 (web, facebook, twitter Infographic on EU’s mobilization of funds to develop a vaccine and to support projects in health care sector20 April 2020 (facebook)  Animation on washing your hands by EU supported CENN18 April 2020 (facebook)  Thank you Georgia for solidarity with EU countries, colours of EU flags on Georgian landmarks18 April 2020 (facebook, twitter)  Creative Europe at Home – spend Easter visiting Europe’s most famous museums from comfort of your home17 April 2020 (facebook)  EUvsVirus challenge - Can you hack it?17 April 2020 (facebook)  Information on EU interal actions to mitigate the impact of Covid-1916 April 2020 (facebook) Covid 19: Repeating a lie does not make it true14 April 2020 (web, facebook) Disinformation can kill 13 April 2020 (web, facebook) Information campaign for prevention of COVID-19 by the EU-funded project “Georgian Civil Society Sustainability Initiative”11 April 2020 (facebook) EU ENPARD program, CENN and partner organizations within the EMBRACE Tsalka and Keda LEADER projects continue new series of webinars 10 April 2020 (facebook) Appreciation to health workers on International Health Day 7 April 2020 (website, facebook, facebook, facebook, twitter) EBRD and EU help local poultry farm Chirina boost its capacity7 April 2020 (EBRD web) EBRD and Georgia step up cooperation during crisis6 April 2020 (EBRD web) Support to global hackathon to find solutions in the face of the Coronavirus crisis6 April 2020 (facebook) EU–supported project “Water for the Poor,” has started targeted activities in the Marneuli and Bolnisi municipalities 2 April 2020 (facebook) EU funded Civil Society Institute offers online courses1 April 2020 (facebook) EBRD monitor assesses resilience of emerging economies to Covid-191 April 2020 (EBRD web)  EU researchers are pooling their strengths together to find a cure to Covid-19 27 March 2020 (facebook) EU partner organization CSRDG gather all business initiatives that help deal with the covid crisis on one platform 27 March 2020 (facebook) EU supports Georgian production of 40,000 medical gowns so far to help COVID-19 response 26 March 2020 (web, facebook, Twitter) CENN statement about declaring a quarantine zone in Marneuli and Bolnisi municipalities 25 March 2020 (facebook) EuroClub Kvareli, by Young European Ambassadors in Georgia, is offering online discussions 24 March 2020 (facebook) EU funded project offers online learning plattformes thourgh the campaing 'This country is yours' by CSO Georgia23 March 2020 (facebook) EU supported CENN offers online webinars on WASH, Human Rights and the Environment21 March 2020 (facebook)10 April 2020 (facebook)