Ethiopia: Joint statement by the High Representative Borrell and Commissioner Lenarčič on the airstrike in the Tigray region


The reports on the bombing of a market place in the village of Edaga Selus near Togoga in the Dogua Tembien District of the Tigray Region on 22 June are extremely worrying. This is yet another attack adding up to the horrific series of International Humanitarian Law and human rights violations, atrocities, ethnic violence, combined with serious allegations of use of starvation and sexual violence as weapons of  conflict.

The EU strongly condemns the deliberate targeting of civilians. This is not justifiable in any terms and goes against International Humanitarian Law. Those atrocities cannot be justified by using the preservation of the territorial integrity of Ethiopia as an argument.

If confirmed, the blocking of ambulances trying to provide medical assistance to the wounded after the bombardment is unacceptable. Such practice constitutes a grave violation of the Geneva Convention and of International Humanitarian Law.

We re-iterate the urgent call for an immediate ceasefire in Tigray and for unrestricted humanitarian access to all those affected by the conflict in the region.

What is happening in Tigray is appalling. It is time for the international community to wake up and take action. The High Representative has put Ethiopia on the agenda of the next Foreign Affairs Council in July to discuss with Member States EU actions in response.

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