EU sanctions against Russia to stop the war in Ukraine

Sanctions increase our pressure on Russia to put an end to its illegal invasion of Ukraine. Those who support Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, financially, materially, or benefiting from the invasion, will be held accountable.

what sanctions has the EU adopted agains Russia


EU shows once more that Russia will pay a high price for its illegal invasion of Ukraine. We have adopted:

  • ban on import of Russian oil

  • broadcasting prohibition for Russian media

  • de-swifting more Russian banks

  • sanctions in response to war crimes.

what sanctions has the EU adopted against Russia


what is the purpose of sanctions

Do you want to know how EU sanctions are adopted?

how are sanctions developed

EU sanctions put maximum pressure on the Kremlin and those entities that enable it to continue its atrocities in Ukraine, targeting key sectors of the Russian economy that fund Putin’s war efforts.

who do eu sanctions target
who do EU sanctions target


who do eu sanctions target
coordination with international partners

Perpetrators of war crimes or human rights abuses should not be able to avoid or circumvent sanctions. EU Member States work with discretion to ensure the success of sanctions.

maximising the impact of sanctions