EU-Western Balkans: Press remarks by High Representative/Vice-President Josep Borrell ahead of the Tirana Summit

EEAS Press Team

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Look, this is an important day for the Western Balkans. It is the first [EU-Western Balkans] Summit with the European Union that takes place in the Western Balkans. From our side, we are strongly committed to the region to support it to face the consequences of the war. Electricity prices have gone up a lot, and we are going to give an important financial support to the households.  

Also, Albania has been struck by cyber-attacks. Since the first cyber-attack, I talked with Prime Minister [of Albania, Edi] Rama. I offered our support: our experts are here to help Albania to face the cyber-attacks and the hybrid threats coming as a consequence of the war. 

And also, about the Dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade. This is an important moment. The dispute about the [license] plates is over. Now, they have to engage. They have to really engage in the Dialogue with the proposal that I put on the table as Facilitator [of the Belgrade-Pristina Dialogue], with the strong support of Germany and France. The last version of the text was sent yesterday to Belgrade and today to Kosovo. And now, they have to embark on discussions – on serious discussions – because this is a moment in which there is a big opportunity.  

Also, from the defence and the security side. We are going to provide support to Bosnia and Herzegovina for demining. There are still a lot of mines in the fields and people suffer the consequences. We are going to provide €10 million for a specific demining campaign in Bosnia and Herzegovina. 



Q. Are you optimistic that the Dialogue will come to an end successfully during next year? 

I am very “activistic”. 

Q. About migration? 

Migration will also be very high on the agenda. 

Q. Can you share information about the document that you sent to Belgrade and Pristina? 

I am sorry, I cannot share the content. 

Q. What about the deadline of March 2023? 

I think we do not have to put artificial deadlines but start working. The important thing is not to fix the date but the speed in which we work. That’s the time to work. 

Thank you. 


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