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#EUBeachCleanup 2021 - Streams of Waste in Romania


Plastic bottles, glass bottles, tires, slippers, pillows, toys, sneakers, crates, jars, bags, pipes, tiles, clothes, furniture, stoves. You can find all of them along the rivers in Romania.


Walking along the rivers streams, you can easily come to the conclusion that the natural water cycle is an enigma for many. Or something we don't bother too much with.

It's a war. Two sides fighting for territory. The water, on one side, is apparently still holding an advantage. On the other side, an army of plastic and household waste has conquered the shores and seems to use encirclement as the military tactics. Rivers flow in a perpetual dynamic. Along with them, the garbage they carry on their way that finally reaches the oceans. Everything is connected.

The photos below have been taken in Romania by photojournalist Ioana Moldovan in the context of the 2021 #EUBeachCleanup campaign. You can find her full story in here (only Romanian version available).