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EUMS Celebrates International Women's Day


On 08 March the European Union Military Staff celebrates International Women's day and acknowledges the essential contribution women make to the European Union's Common Security and Defence Policy Missions and Operations.
The EUMS is fully committed to promoting and implementing the Women, Peace and Security agenda as lined out in its EU Strategic Approach to WPS and its Action Plan, which recognises gender equality and women's empowerment as a prerequisite for dealing with the prevention, management and resolution of conflicts.

Currently, around 5,000 women and men work in the 11 civilian and 6 military crisis-management missions and operations, which the European Union deploys under the framework of its Common Security and Defence Policy.

Foreword by Vice Admiral Hervé Blejean, Director General EUMS and Director MPCC

It gives me great pleasure as DG EUMS to be associated with a campaign aimed at promoting women's full, inclusive and meaningful participation and leadership within the context of Common Security and Defence Policy in Military Missions and Operations.Women are dis-proportionally affected by armed conflict however, Women make an essential contribution to building Peace and Security. Indeed, no action can succeed without the inclusive and credible participation of women.The positive contribution made by the Women who serve in the six CSDP Military Missions and Operations cannot be overstated and on this International Women's Day I offer my sincerest thanks for the excellent work they do.


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