Europe Day photo competition



Join our Europe Day Photo Competition 2021 to win exciting prizes!



1-  Send us an original & creative photo (regular picture, selfie, instant, passport picture, collage, etc.) that includes European Union elements of your choice: a typical dish, a souvenir, a book, a music record, a football jersey, the EU flag or EU country, European friend(s), etc.

2- Send your photo to before Tuesday, 8 June with your ID and phone number. 



Only applications that match the competition theme will be considered. The most creative photos will be shortlisted. On 13 June, we will announce 9 shortlisted photos that will be competing against each other.

Two final winners will be selected, 1 on Facebook and 1 on Instagram.

Prizes: Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 LITE WIFI for the Facebook winner, DSLR Canon Camera EOS 4000D Kit 18-55 DC for the Instagram winner.



The 9 shortlisted photos will be published in an album on @EUinJordan on Facebook. To win:

1 - Follow @EUinJordan (

2 - Share your shortlisted photo on your Facebook account with the hashtag #EuropeDay, mention @EUinJordan and use the caption: "EU Day photo competition".

3 - Invite your friends to follow the @EUinJordan page and to like your photo in the album published on our Facebook account.

4 - The photo with the highest number of likes within the shortlisted photo album wins a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 LITE WIFI



The 9 shortlisted photos will be published as separate photos on @EUinJordan Instagram account. To win:

1 - Follow @EUinJordan (

2 - Invite your friends to follow the @EUinJordan account and to like your shortlisted photo published on our Instagram account.

3 - The photo with the highest number of likes wins a DSLR Canon Camera EOS 4000D Kit 18-55 DC.



·   2 May: Applications open

·   8 June: Applications close

·   13 June: Announcement of shortlisted photos

·   30 June: Announcement of winning photos



·   Only photos submitted to will be valid.

·   They must be within the scope of the competition (original & creative photos that include European Union elements).

·   Competition is open to all ages and nationalities but limited to residents in Jordan.

·   Only one application is allowed per person. In case of multiple entries, only the first will be considered.

·   The same photo can’t win on both platforms. If it gathers the highest likes on both platforms, the second highest shortlisted application will be awarded.

·  If the submission features several people, the winner will be the one who submitted the photo.



·   European Union = Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain and Sweden. Pictures with elements from other European countries will not be considered.

·   Offensive and/or irrelevant content will be disqualified.

·   Submissions, names and handles of participants might be used by the European Union in Jordan for public communication around the competition.

·   Winners will be invited for an award-given photo opportunity in the presence of a EU representative.