Maritime security: EU Coordinated Maritime Presences visits the Yaoundé Architecture

On March 21 2022, a delegation from the EEAS working on Coordinated Maritime Presences (CMP) together with the Ambassador Philippe Van Damme , Head of Delegation of the European Union visited the Yaounde Architecture Interregional Coordination Center (YAICC) on maritime security in the Gulf of Guinea (GoG) in Yaoundé, Cameroun, led by Admiral Faztudo.

This meeting brought together representatives from the maritime structures in the Yaoundé Architecture (YA): ICC, regional centres (CRESMAO and CRESMAC) and multinational centres (MMCC) for the first time.

Participants explored how to deepen ties between the CMP Maritime Area of Interest Coordination Cell (MAICC), point of convergence of Member States´ voluntary contributions, and the YAICC. Conducting the meeting on site and in person allowed all participants to exchange information, to build trust, strengthen relationships and establish a framework to improve cooperation and collaboration. Participants also shared and expressed views about the YA Regional Information Platform (YARIS), an EU system whose ownership will be transferred to YA.

The CMP concept started its implementation in the GoG in January 2021 in support of the existing maritime security “Yaoundé Architecture” in close cooperation with Coastal States. Its aim is to boost the collective engagement by enhancing coordination of the existing Member States assets present in the region to increase the EU’s capacity to act as a reliable partner and maritime security provider. During 2021, 10 ships from five EU Member States participated, totalling some 30 months of deployment. The CMP has proven to be an effective and useful instrument contributing to the decrease of more than 50% of maritime security incidents in 2021 and ensuring a continued and coordinated EU presence in the Gulf of Guinea. The EU has extended its implementation by two more years.