Participation of the ENP countries in the European Union programmes


Participation of ENP partners in EU programmes and agencies is a mean to promote reform and modernisation in the EU’s neighbourhood and strengthen administrative and regulatory convergence of partner countries with the EU.

Recently EU programmes were reviewed in the context of preparing the new EU budget, with a view to launching new EU programmes for 2014-2020. A number of these programmes offer the possibility of some form of participation of ENP countries.

In this light, the EEAS and the Directorate General for Development and cooperation organised an information meeting on the participation of ENP partners in the 2014-2020 EU programmes, which was held in Brussels on the 3rd of December 2013.

The meeting gave an overview of the content of the new programmes which are open to some form of participation of ENP countries, and of the conditions for participation. Both programmes which are open to full participation of the ENP countries provided that the country has concluded an enabling Protocol to its agreement with the EU, as well as programmes offering ENP partners the possibility of participation in certain activities without signing such protocol were presented

Asylum and Migration Fund 

European Earth Observation Programme

COSME Competitiveness of Enterprises and SMEs 

Creative Europe Culture and Audio-visual Programme 

Customs 2020 Functioning and modernisation of the Customs Union 

Erasmus + Higher Education and Youth 

European Maritime and Fisheries Fund 

European Statistical Programme  Development, production and dissemination of European statistics 

European Territorial Cooperation  Cross border, transnational and interregional programmes 

Fiscalis 2020 European cooperation between Tax administrations 

Galileo and EGNOS Programmes
Positioning, Search and Rescue services

Health for GrowthImproving people's health and reducing health inequalities 

Hercule IIIFighting fraud, corruption and illegal activities affecting the Union's financial interests 

Horizon 2020
Framework Programme for Research and Innovation

Internal Security Fund
Supporting a common visa policy and integrated borders management

Life Programme Environment and climate change 

Pericles 2020Programme for the protection of the euro against counterfeitingSESAR JUAir Traffic Management modernisation 

Union Civil Protection Mechanism  Protecting people, environment and property