Questions and answers: Threat Analysis – a background for the Strategic Compass


As indicated by the Council in June 2020, the Strategic Compass will define policy orientations and specific goals and objectives in four clusters: (1) crisis management, (2) resilience, (3) capability development, and (4) partnerships. The Strategic Compass should set out a coherent approach across the security and defence domain and enhance the implementation of the EU’s level of ambition, notably responding to external crises, capacity building of partners and protection of the Union and its citizens.

The first step in the process of developing the Strategic Compass is to provide an intelligence based “comprehensive, 360 degrees” independent analysis of the full range of threats and challenges the EU currently faces or might face in the near future.

This threat analysis is a classified document, not accessible to the public. This memo explains how it paves the ground for the formulation of the Compass.

Download the MEMO on threat analysis/strategic compass: