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Teia and Mohammad Hazem, students: "We are going to finish university in Germany"


These Jordanian twins are looking forward to finishing their Bachelor degree in Europe after being away from their friends for a long time due to the COVID-19 pandemic


For Jordanian twins Teia and Mohammad Hazem, the third and fourth years of university left a lot to be desired.

Just like the rest of their peers in most parts of the world, the siblings spent the most part of the last two years attending online classes from home, away from their friends, colleagues professors, and most importantly a normal college life.

Today, and after receiving their second shots of the COVID-19 vaccines in Amman, they are looking forward to going back to some aspects of “normal life” at university.

“I feel like Corona made studying harder and it feels like a year or two wasted of our lives, where we just sat at home,” said Mohammad, who is studying Engineering Mechatronics at the German Jordanian University, as his sister nodded her head in agreement.

“I’m excited that after getting vaccinated there’s a lot less restrictions for travelling, and we are going to finish our university in Germany. So hopefully we are going to be able to live the full experience there,” noted Teia, who is studying Computer Science at the same university, where students are required to spend a year in Germany as part of their Bachelor degree.

They are looking forward to spending their fifth year in Germany, after having been away from their friends for a long time due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the closures, curfews and lockdowns that followed. “We are very excited for this new experience, especially that things are looking better in terms of the Coronavirus,” noted Mohammad, adding that they want to be with their friends while being able to make new ones.