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Towards a successful outcome at COP 26: EU-Indo-Pacific on Climate Change


In the run-up to COP-26, a two-day Conference is taking place on 7-8 October allowing the EU and its partners in the Indo-Pacific the opportunity to share their views on climate issues in the region.


The Conference is intended to provide for High Level engagement with the Indo-Pacific region in the run-up to COP-26 (1-12 November 2021, Glasgow) to help ensure its success, with a focus on the Pacific Island States which are in agreement with the EU on key issues of climate change. It aims to discuss:

  1. matters of adaptation, including finance, and
  2. the need for a number of key countries, notably the G20, to step up their efforts in significantly reducing greenhouse gases, during this decade.

The event will help launch the implementation of the new EU Strategy for cooperation in the Indo-Pacific.

The EU action in the Indo-Pacific is based on a long-term plan to work with partners to fight, mitigate and adapt to climate change, reduce climate and disaster risks and to counter biodiversity loss, pollution and other forms of environmental degradation.


Day 1, October 7:

Follow Day 1 of the conference here


Day 2, October 8:

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