From Ukraine: The Girl Who Draws For Ukraine

7-year-old Maria Partala from Zhovti Vody sells her drawings and donates the proceedings to people affected by the war and the Ukrainian military.

Maria and her parents, Katya and Artem, had to flee their home because of the war. Now living in western Ukraine, they live far from her uncle, grandparents, and friends.

Far away from her home, Maria draws cute pictures that her uncle, Maxim helps her sell.

Despite the fact that she is now safe, enjoys painting, playing the piano, and dancing, Maria still misses her home town very much. 'I hope there will be peace and that we can go back soon.' she says.

Maria doesn't fully realize how much her art shop helps Ukrainians, but she is very happy that people like it and it is benefitting her people.

Maria's family donates the money she earns to volunteer centers, Ukrainian refugees, and military procurement efforts.