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Women are decision makers in the East Usambara project, part of the Global Climate Change Alliance, funded by the EU


The Integrated Approaches for Climate Change Adaptation in the East Usambara Mountains Project, funded
by the EU has been working alongside Muheza District and eight villages to implement climate change
adaptation activities, which all have a gender focus.


Better access to finance for women means they are being empowered.

Let us read the story of Anna Hezron Sabini, the Village Savings and Loans Groups (VSLAs) member who has set up micro-enterprises by investing in the savings group through the EU funded East Usambara project.

 “Participation of women in development issues and in making decisions in the village has increased, which is positive. In the VSLAs groups women decide by themselves how to use the money, no one is telling a woman to do something,” said Halima Sheshe Idd, Acting Mvambo Village Chairperson trained by the project to use good climate-smart agricultural practices.

Did you also know that one of the most successful interventions in the East Usambara project in terms of empowering women with time-saving measures and health benefits, as well as climate change related activities and sustainability was the introduction of improved energy stoves? The project trained artisans to build the stoves in a record one and a half hours for each household and the impact has resonated further than the East Usambara Mountain villages.

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