Yemen: Statement by the Spokesperson on UN-led peace efforts

EEAS Press Team

The EU deeply regrets a rejection by the Houthis of the latest proposal by UN Special Envoy (UNSE) on road reopening notably around Taiz.

The reopening of roads is a crucial humanitarian element of the truce, along with fuel shipments through the port of Hodeidah and commercial flights from/to Sana’a. The EU urges the Houthis to reconsider and accept the UNSE’s proposal.
The EU calls on all parties to accept further six-month extension of the truce beyond 2 August. This is what the Yemeni people wish and deserve after suffering under the conflict for too long.
The truce has broken the diplomatic stalemate and brought unprecedented tangible benefits to Yemenis, and this momentum should not be lost.

The EU reiterates its full support to UN-led peace efforts that aim at bringing an end to the conflict in Yemen.


Peter Stano
Lead Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
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Press Officer for Foreign Affairs and Security
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