The representative Ambassador of the European Union in Eritrea.

Message from the Ambassador

I had the privilege of joining the EU Delegation to Eritrea in September 2019 to lead a highly professional team with the objective of advancing EU's interests in the country and seeking to promote mutually beneficial cooperation between the EU and Eritrea. EU's commitment to Eritrea's stability, prosperity and democracy is long-term, and so is its determination to promote the region's closer cooperation and integration. 

This commitment is based on EU's clearly identified strategic interests in the region related, among others, to preventing radicalisation; stemming irregular migration; or securing vital sea lines of communications. These are interests that are here to stay and provide a solid foundation for future engagements. EU's efforts in Eritrea are aimed at contributing to the country's social and economic development, they follow local needs and strive to ensuring local ownership and sustainability. 

Ongoing or currently planned projects focus on infrastructural development, connectivity; job creation; strengthening economic governance; supporting agricultural development, including irrigation; 'greening' the economy through investments in renewables; protecting and promoting Eritrea's rich cultural heritage – but we are continually looking at new cooperation and partnership opportunities to expand our bilateral relations. 

Gabor Iklody