EUAM RCA supports the Ministry of Water and Forests in a workshop to establish interoperability between Internal Security Forces, Customs and Water and Forests in the Central African Republic


Faced with the challenges of preserving property and people, but also protected animal, plant and fish species in the Central African Republic (CAR), a dynamic synergy and interoperability between the various state armed forces is necessary.

With this in mind, the EUAM RCA Mission is supporting the organization of a workshop, in order to establish the concept of interoperability between the Internal Security Forces (ISF), Customs, Gendarmerie and Water and Forests, on February 1 and 2, 2023, at the Ministry of Water and Forests in Bangui. This workshop brings together a dozen senior executives from these administrations. It was opened by speeches by the representative of the Head of Mission of the EUAM RCA, the Ambassador of the European Union (EU) in CAR and the Director of Cabinet of the Minister of Water and Forests.

Because interoperability is not only about collaboration between departments, it also tends to ensure that the implementation processes, procedures and materials used are also compatible, in order to effectively protect people and property of the Republic of Central Africa.

Throughout these two days, the participants in this workshop were able to deepen together the topic of the protocol of mixed patrols, through a collaborative process, in order to implement realistic and feasible actions in the field.

"During these two days, we acquired important knowledge on how to better protect CAR's natural heritage and on the role of interoperability" summarizes EUAM RCA’s strategic advisor in interoperability, who has a permanent office in the Ministry of Water and Forests in Bangui.