EUBAM Libya organizes training on document security


EUBAM Libya in cooperation with the Royal Dutch Marechaussee and the Dutch Embassy to Libya organized a basic level training on document security for 12 Senior officers from Ras Ajdir and Wazen border crossing points, and Mitiga Airport to further extend their knowledge and to further enhance their skills in detecting forged or counterfeit documents. This capacity-building activity is contributing to improve the security at the border and therefore in the whole country.
Two Libyan trainers who attended the ToT in March 2022 are also facilitating the training. The purpose is to receive feedback from the Dutch trainers to further improve their lecturing skills. The Libyan trainers are already conducting training on document security in Libya for their colleagues. The trainers from Tripoli are using the facilities refurbished and equipped by EUBAM and others. The participants of the training were very motivated, active and eager to improve their skills in checking travel documents.

This basic level training includes substrate security, printing techniques, detecting imposters, and a Human Rights part. The participants had engaging sessions and exercises. Six of the participants could be named to participate in an advanced-level course.

One of the Dutch trainers determined that “After successful completion of the basic level training on document security, the participants are able to find  if a presented travel document is in the possession of the  rightful holder, if the presented document is genuine, or if it should be referred to an advanced-level document officer based on their findings.”

The assistance of  EUBAM  Libya to the Libyan authorities, specifically the Ministry of the Interior including the border management-related agencies, continues in providing the jointly assessed activities to the Libyan partners to further enhance and strengthen the capacities of the participants to achieve greater security and stability.