EUCAP Sahel Mali was established with the objective to allow the Malian authorities to restore and maintain a constitutional and democratic order and the conditions for lasting peace in Mali, and to restore and maintain State authority and legitimacy throughout the territory by means of an effective redeployment of its administration.

In January 2023, the European Council extended the mandate of EUCAP Sahel Mali until 31 January 2025, adapting the Mission's structure and activities to the evolving operational environment and the needs of its partners, pursuing the EU's Sahel strategy and the regionalisation approach, aiming to:

  • improve the operational efficacy of the internal security forces;
  • re-establish the hierarchical chains of the internal security forces through a more coherent management of resources;
  • reinforce the role of judicial and administrative authorities, contributing to the prevention of corruption and impunity;
  • facilitate the redeployment of the internal security forces to central Mali (if conditions allow) and facilitate their deployment in southern Mali, focusing on the National Police; and
  • support the redeployment of civilian administrative authorities to central Mali based on good governance principles.

EUCAP Sahel Mali supports the implementation of the security sector reform led by the Malian government by providing strategic advice, mentoring, training and material support to the National Police, Gendarmerie and Guard and the relevant ministries. The Mission implements its mandate following three lines of operations, which focus on strengthening the ethical standard of the internal security forces as well as strengthening their structural and operational capacities.

The Mission notably contributes to strengthening the capabilities of the internal security forces in the areas of crisis management, border management, counterterrorism and fight against organized crime, human resources and logistics management, rule of law and the fight against impunity. The Mission also supports the collaboration between the internal security forces and the civil society, and promotes human rights, gender equality and accountability of the internal security forces.

The Mission is allocated a budget of €73 million for the two-year period and is authorized to have up to 132 international and 75 local staff members.

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    Maja Sverdrup, Head of Mission of EUCAP Sahel Mali

Head of mission


Acting Head of Mission of EUCAP Sahel Mali

On 1 February 2023, in conjunction with the renewal of the Mission EUCAP Sahel Mali mandate, Mrs. SVERDRUP started serving as Acting Head of Mission, alongside her existing role as Deputy Head of Mission. A Danish diplomat, Mrs. SVERDRUP is employed by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Danish MFA) which she joined in 1994. In November 2021, she joined EUCAP Sahel Mali as Head of the Coordination and Partnership Unit, before being appointed as Deputy Head of Mission in September 2022.

Mrs. SVERDRUP has extensive experience in the management of political and security crisis and has held numerous senior management positions in the Danish MFA, the United Nations and the Danish Red Cross. During her longstanding tenure with the Danish MFA, she has led several critical Danish crisis responses. As head of the Task Force to the Muslim World, she headed Denmark’s response to the republication of caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad in 2010. She has upheld high-level diplomatic partnerships and relations, including Denmark’s relationship with China in the role of Head of North-east Asia, and recently served in the Board of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

Mrs. SVERDRUP has amassed vast field experience in crisis and humanitarian response from Asia, the Middle East and Africa. She, among other posts, served as Political Adviser to the EU Special Representative for the Middle East Peace Process (EUSR-MEPP) in Jerusalem between 2007-2009, as Head of the Local Aid Coordination Secretariat for Palestine between 2006 and 2007, and as Secretary of the Royal Danish Embassy in Ouagadougou between 1996 and 1999.

Mrs. SVERDRUP holds a master’s degree in political science and a professional diploma of journalism.

Regional Advisory and Coordination Cell

In line with its CSDP regionalization approach in the Sahel since 2017, the European Union supports the enhanced cooperation between the G5 Sahel countries (Chad, Burkina Faso, Mali, Mauritania, and Niger) to achieve a common approach to regional challenges. To this end, the Mission, through a Regional Advisory and Coordination Cell (RACC) based in Mauritania, supports regional and cross border cooperation in the Sahel and strengthens the national capacities of the G5 Sahel countries.


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