Mission Mandate

The EU Military Assistance Mission in support of Ukraine (EUMAM Ukraine) is aimed at strengthening the capacity of the Ukrainian Armed Forces to defend Ukraine’s territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders and to deter and respond to possible future military offensives by Russia and other potential aggressors. Concretely, EUMAM Ukraine provides training to the Ukrainian Armed Forces personnel at basic, advanced and specialised levels on medical assistance, CBRN, demining, logistics and communication, maintenance and repair, among others. It also provides junior leadership training from section/squad and platoon levels up to company, including operational training: preparation of companies, battalions and brigades in collective manoeuvres and tactics up to battalion level; and advice on the planning, preparation and conduct of live firing exercises.

EUMAM works closely together with all other like-minded international partners to provide training support to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. EUMAM is open to the participation of third states. All mission activities are located on EU soil. So far, 24 EU Member States have offered training modules and personnel. The training is supported by the provision of equipment for lethal and non-lethal purposes to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. This equipment is provided by Member States and funded by the European Peace Facility.

Political Control and Strategic Direction

The Political and Security Committee exercises the political control and strategic direction of EUMAM Ukraine, under the responsibility of the High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and of the Council of the EU. The Military Planning and Conduct Capability (MPCC) is the Operations Headquarters and ensures the overall coordination and synchronisation at the strategic level within EUMAM Ukraine’s framework.

The integration of the training components to create formed units takes place in a multinational Combined Arms Training Command (CAT-C) established in Poland. A multinational Special Training Command (STC) commands training activities in Germany to further enhance the training offer in full coordination with CAT-C. Other Member States provide specific training across Europe.