The Delegation of the European Union (EU) to Indonesia and Brunei Darussalam was established on 6 September 1988 and is one of 144 diplomatic missions that represent the EU around the world. We work jointly with the embassies of the EU Member States. Based in Jakarta, our premises also accommodate the EU Delegation to ASEAN. It represents the EU in Brunei on a non-residential basis.

Our Role

The EU Delegation’s role is to promote EU policies and to build closer ties with Indonesia and Brunei. Our work includes political relations, economic and trade relations, and policy cooperation.

Our main counterparts are Government, Parliament, Indonesian and European business, civil society, and higher education and research. To support Indonesia’s Sustainable Development Goals we finance cooperation projects; often we do that in the format of “Team Europe” that brings together the funding from the EU and EU Member States.

We also raise awareness and understanding of the EU in Indonesia and Brunei. Together with the embassies of the EU Member States, we organise cultural events, such as the major annual film festival.

The EU Delegation coordinates the EU local consultation mechanism in Indonesia, at the level of ambassadors and of advisors covering political, commercial, consular and other fields. It represents the EU in all matters governed by EU policies and adopted positions.

Our Office

The EU Delegation has 55 employees: one third are EU nationals, two-thirds are Indonesian staff. The main areas of work are political, press and information; trade and economic; management and oversight of cooperation and public diplomacy projects; and administration. Cooperation on sustainable growth, environment and climate is a top priority. Security, defence and counter-terrorism are rising on our bilateral agenda. We work a lot on people-to-people links, especially by higher education exchanges.