This page provides information about the EU Delegation to Kazakhstan – its role and office. 

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    EU Delegation to Kazakhstan

    EU Delegation building


What we do

The EU Delegation to the Republic of Kazakhstan was opened in 1994. The office, based in Almaty, was the first EU Delegation to Central Asia. 

In 2007, the office of the EU Delegation to Kazakhstan was transferred to Nur-Sultan, the country’s new capital. The Almaty office closed on 1 November 2010 and all relevant staff positions were transferred to Nur-Sultan. 

The Delegation’s role is to: 

  • Represent EU interests in Kazakhstan. 
  • Coordinate with the embassies of EU countries. 
  • Develop relations in areas such as political cooperation, the economy, trade and external assistance – especially through the implementation of the EU-Kazakhstan Enhanced Partnership and Cooperation Agreement. 
  • Follow-up EU policies in all sectors, particularly via the EU-Central Asia: Strategy for a New Partnership. 
  • Promote and defend the values and interests of the EU. 
  • Maintain and increase awareness and understanding of the EU. 

Our Office

Structure of the Delegation: 

  • Head of Delegation.
  • Political, Press and Information Section.
  • Trade Section.
  • Cooperation Section.
  • Finance and Contracts Section.
  • Administrative Section.  

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    Office of the EU Delegation to Kazakhstan

    Office of the EU Delegation