Ralph Tarraf is a German diplomat. He was previously the Representative of the European Union to the Palestinian Authority. He also served as the Ambassador of Germany to Jordan. Previously, he served as Head of the Middle East Division and Deputy Head of Policy Planning Staff in the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

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    EU Ambassador to Lebanon Ralph Tarraf

    EU Ambassador to Lebanon, Mr. Ralph Tarraf.

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Message from the Ambassador

We’re here, we care.

Dear Visitors,

Lebanon is going through challenging times, with a deep-rooted economic, social and political crisis, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic and the explosion at the port of Beirut on 4 August 2020. Today, more than ever, the European Union reiterates its commitment to the people of Lebanon and offers its support to help them navigate these trying times. 

Our projects and interventions in Lebanon have addressed many priorities over the years, from investments into infrastructure, economic growth and the protection of the environment, to human rights, good governance and security. 

In recent times, we have readjusted our work to meet the emerging and pressing needs of the people of Lebanon. Humanitarian aid was delivered following 4 August, and with the United Nations and the World Bank Group, we are paving the way for the recovery and reconstruction of Beirut. We support the most vulnerable in the country with social assistance, healthcare, education and access to basic services. With Lebanon’s vibrant civil society, we continue to defend human rights and freedom of speech and to work for good governance and the fight against corruption. 

But this is not enough to emerge from the current deep-seated crisis. 

Lebanon needs a new governance model built on transparency and accountability. It needs to prioritise economic recovery and reforms and to address its financial difficulties through sustainable means. 

The European Union stands ready to support Lebanon in these challenging times. 

Mr. Ralph Tarraf, Ambassador of the European Union to Lebanon.