Since its creation, the European Union has established more than 140 Delegations around the world, including permanent representations in a large number of international organizations. They depend on the European External Action Service (EEAS), which manages the European Union’s international relations.  

The Delegation of the European Commission in Mauritania was created around 1973, with more than 45 people working in the following fields: Infrastructure, employment, civil society, migration, justice reform, rural and local development, food security, defence, and fisheries. Since the entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon on 1 December 2009, it is the Delegation of the European Union that exercises the representation 

Our Mission

The four lines of action of the Delegation of the European Union in Mauritania

The four lines of action of the Delegation of the European Union in Mauritania are:  

  • Represent the European Union by promoting and defending its values and interests.
  • Support the stability, security and sustainable and inclusive development of Mauritania in order to contribute to the improvement of the living conditions of its population. 
  • Promote political, economic and cultural relations between the EU and Mauritania. 
  • Ensure coherence and effectiveness of EU external action in close coordination with Member States. 

To achieve its objectives, the Delegation works in close partnership with the government, national and local authorities, civil society and other stakeholders. It maintains a regular political dialogue and economic diplomacy activities by supporting structural reforms of public policies to improve governance, services to people and the business climate to reduce vulnerability and promote the creation of decent and sustainable jobs. 

The Delegation shall implement programmes and projects of common interest within the framework of the European Consensus on Development and the Sustainable Development Goals set out in the United Nations 2030 Agenda. Areas of activity include, among others, development.

The entire staff of the Delegation undertakes to act in a spirit of loyalty, respect and solidarity in accordance with the fundamental values of the European Union by adhering to the principles of unity, commitment, responsibility and partnership. In particular, each agent actively contributes to the activities of the Delegation, promotes its image outside and participates in its efficient and harmonious functioning conducive to the personal development of each one. 

Our Office

Structural organisation

A Head of Delegation, with the rank of Ambassador, leads the Delegation of the European Union in Mauritania. It is composed of several sections and subsections that assist the Ambassador in the implementation of EU action in Mauritania: 

Press Information Policy Section 

Administration Section 

Finance Contract Section 

Cooperation Section 

  • Fishing.
  • Governance and Institutional Support. 
  • Economy and Social Sectors.
  • Inclusive and Sustainable Growth.