Diplomatic relations between the European Union and Mexico date back to 1960. The Delegation was officially established in Mexico in 1989. The Delegation is categorised as a diplomatic mission and officially represents the EU in Mexico and it is one of over 140 offices that represent the EU worldwide. 

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    Delegation of the European Union in Mexico City

    Delegation of the European Union in Mexico City.

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What we do

The competencies and mandate of the EU Delegation to Mexico

  • To promote political and economic relations between Mexico and the EU. 
  • To continue dialogue with Mexico based on the EU-Mexico Economic Partnership, Political Coordination and Cooperation Agreement (‘Global Agreement’) and help to fulfill the objectives of the Strategic Partnership
  • To represent the EU before the Mexican authorities. 
  • To inform the Mexican public about developments within the EU and to explain and defend EU policies. 
  • To promote and defend the values and interests of the EU. 
  • To cooperate with public entities and civil society organisations represented in Mexico. 
  • To provide direct humanitarian aid through the offices of the European Commission's Humanitarian Aid and Civil Protection department (ECHO). 
  • To participate in the proper functioning of the Common Foreign and Security Policy. 

Our Office

Structure of the Delegation

  • Head of Delegation.
  • Deputy Head of Delegation. 
  • Political, Press and Information Section.
  • Trade Section.
  • Cooperation Section.
  • Administration Section.

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